Based in Columbia, Maryland, I have been making images for over twenty years. Turning to a camera as a distraction while in Florida, taking care of my ailing mother, photography has grown into one of the great loves of my life.

With the era of digital dominance still a few years away, I picked up my first Film SLR camera, a book on landscape photography, by legend John Shaw, and began this great love. Photography over the years has at times consumed my life, but even when I would put it down for a while I would always return. Time behind the lens, for me, is more than just making photographs. It is about a time when the world quiets down and the noise of everyday life seems to fade away. To me there is no greater thrill than chasing light.

After years of digitally processing my film images with Photoshop, I decided to move to digital capture a little over two years ago. This is a decision I made reluctantly, I was a purist, one who thought that digital capture could not rival that of traditional film, at least not for years to come. I could not have been more wrong. Simply put, the quality of the images garnered from my digital outfit, far exceeds the quality of anything I ever achieved from film.